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Visitors' Information

This website offers a welcome to all visitors to Axbridge - and on behalf of the Town Council, we hope you will enjoy its community, its services, its sights and attractions and its history.

Axbridge and the reservoir

Coming from the south, visitors can see how the medieval town of Axbridge hugs the southern slope of the Mendips. Approaching from the north, the Levels spread out below the town. An important wool-producer in the Middle Ages, the town has always been at the crossroads, the centre of things, indeed it was a river port in earlier times.

This was reflected in its early royal charters allowing it to hold markets, fairs and become a royal borough. It even had its own mint, with coins showing the town's symbol: the Lamb and Flag.

There is far less through traffic nowadays, but the layout of the town has changed little over the centuries, a medieval town expanding on a fortified Saxon burgh and today visitors can wander the winding streets that remain at the heart of this charming, still vibrant place, and soak up hundreds of years of the histories of ordinary lives.

Axbridge's history is very much alive & in the making. The King Johns Hunting Lodge has many local artefacts.  It is a 'must see' & its only £2.50 (with free return for a year)!