Axbridge Town seal


Exploring Axbridge : Page 1

There are two ways in to this medieval town if coming by road. Or you can walk off the Mendips or the Levels and make your way to the Square that way. All roads lead to the Square, more or less; it's the natural meeting place.

Humans also bob about on the water - if you approach Axbridge from the east, you will see signs for the reservoir where the Bristol Corinthinans Yacht club is located (for more details see their website).

Bristol Corinthians' Yacht Club

Leaving the reservoir you will find the road narrows after half a mile and the old town begins.

St. Mary's Street, which you are now entering, has many cottages with Georgian facades which hide the older vintage of the buildings, as in much of old Axbridge. A naïf painting by a local resident from the mid-18th Century, shows the street with several named inhabitants and hangs in the Museum, which is housed in King John's Hunting Lodge in the Square.

The large house with the grand walled entrance is The Court, built in 1792. The owners throw open its grounds every year for St. John the Baptist's Church to hold its summer fête and many visitors crowd its well-tended gardens. Gardens which include an ancient wall, which was used as a musket firing range from Napoleonic times, the ground nearby yielding many lead musket balls.