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Litter & Recycling

The following services are provided by Sedgemoor District Council and by Axbridge Town Council to help keep Axbridge looking the way we would all like to see it:

Weekly rubbish and recycling collections

Axbridge now has a very comprehensive collection system: each week food waste and items for recycling are collected. On alternate weeks, either refuse (non-recyclable) or garden rubbish (if you pay for it) is collected.

A couple of odd points to note: when it comes to recycling plastic, only bottles are accepted (something to do with the company they use to do the recycling). So don't think you're clever by looking at the recycling symbol on the container: only bottles are allowed! Also, please make sure that different types of recycling are well-separated in the boxes: it makes the collectors' job a lot easier and less likely to result in rubbish all over the street.

For more information on what you can recycle please go to Somerset Waste Partnership website, where all your questions will be answered.

Collection dates can be found here.

Other Recycling

Axbridge Chemist is now collecting household batteries, ink cartridges, spectacles and mobile phones – items not dealt with at present by kerbside collections. These will then be taken to the main recycling depot in Cheddar (thanks to the Sustainable Axbridge Network).

Anything you want to take "to the dump", like small batteries (and wood, and rubble, and so on), can also be taken to Cheddar Recycling Centre by the Kings of Wessex Leisure Centre. Visit the Somerset Waste Partnership website for more information.

Daily scavenge of public places

Axbridge does get a daily visit from one of Sedgemoor's employees, who will empty the rubbish bins and scavenge the Square. He also empties the other bins in the Town (e.g. Parkfield Road and outside the School). The brief is to tackle any rubbish found, but the time for each visit is limited (half an hour a day), so if you know of particular problems you can report them directly using the 0845 408 2543 number.

Regular scavenge of the Furlong playground

This bit is paid for by the Town Council on your behalf. We expect a visit twice a week (normally Monday & Friday) to tidy up the playground and empty the bins (four bins).

Litter & dog bins

Once again, these are managed by Sedgemoor.

Street Sweeping Lorry (also known as a "Scarab")

The lorry sweeps all roads in Axbridge that have kerbs where it is possible (i.e. where there are no obstructions from parked cars). This is done every eight weeks.

Points of contact

Sedgemoor District Council, also by phone on 0845 408 2543.

If that fails, get in touch with the Town Clerk, and we will pursue it.