Axbridge Town seal


The Mayor of Axbridge


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor were elected at the annual "Mayor Making" ceremony in the Town Hall on the 12th May 2014. Councillors Peter Yusen and Jennifer Trotmann were proposed and seconded by members of the Town Council. At the meeting, the outgoing John Albone made a well-received speech re-capping the year's successes, including all the work done on behalf of the new Cheddar Valley Food Bank.

Councillor Yusen was duly "robed", and first signed his acceptance of office:

Acceptance of office 2014

Mayor Peter Yusen with Mayoress Ms Deirdre Croley and Town Clerk Mrs Vicky Brice (click to enlarge)


The new Mayor then took the official Oath to uphold just about everything for Queen, country, and Axbridge.

Taking the Oath 2014

Click here to see the exact words which were spoken.


Mayor Yusen proposed Councillor Jennifer Trotmann as his Deputy (shown here in the reception line with consort Austin, her son):

Deputy Mayor 2014


For the first time this year, we are delighted the Mayor has decided to appoint a Mayor's Cadet from the ranks of the youth organizations in the Town. This inaugural year the honour went to Katherine Souza of the newly-formed Sea Cadet unit:

Appointing Mayor's Cadet 2014


Fortunately it seems Katherine was as delighted as we were!

Mayor's Cadet Katherine Souza 2014