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Introduction to Axbridge Town Council

On the third Monday of every month the observant among us may spot a light on in the Town Hall, often burning late into the night. This is the regular meeting of the Town Council. Ranged around the large table in the historic council chamber are thirteen good souls and true.

Often the only observers of this democratic process are the illustrious former citizens of the town who stare enigmatically down from the portraits on the walls on the discussions, disputes and, usually, jokes that banter back and forth across the polished mahogany table.

But! The public are invited, every month, to come and participate. Meetings start at 7.30pm and the slot for airing your views usually comes around 8pm. Then you can say whatever you like, and be listened to. The councillors are always very pleased to welcome anyone who would like to come. And the public can stay and listen to the rest of the meeting - which usually concludes before last orders.

You can find out what is due to be discussed on these web pages by looking at the forthcoming agenda on the "Agenda, Reports & Minutes" section and also on the Council noticeboard outside the Town Hall. You can also see what has already been discussed using the same link to look at the minutes.

The Council have various responsibilities: the upkeep of the Furlong field and the cemetery (the cemetery committee work hard to keep it spick and span), anti-dog-fouling initiatives, parking issues, vigilance on planning applications and on maintaining the historic character of our ancient town, to name but a few.  For details of who is involved in which committee, click here.

They are always grateful to have matters drawn to their attention by residents and want to encourage a two-way flow of information vital to good democracy.

Axbridge Town Hall