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Celebration of Axbridge Community

In 2011 the Town Council organized the first Civic Awards.

There have long been many members of our community who contribute tirelessly to making Axbridge what it is, and we wanted to be able to say "thank you" to them on behalf of the town. We decided the best way was to ask for nominations from local people. There are various criteria both for the person nominating, and for the nominee: to nominate someone for an award you must either be an Axbridge resident or someone who is a member of an Axbridge club or group; the person you nominate must either be an Axbridge resident or involved in Axbridge activities, and they must have brought a significant benefit to our community.

We also said that the nomination cannot apply to work which people are paid for, and that Town Councillors may not be nominated for the work they do on the Town Council (otherwise that night look a bit odd!).

Award winners are decided by the Town Council, whose decision is final. It's not a popularity contest with the greatest number of votes winning: a winner might just be someone who helps in a low key way, but whose contribution is significant to someone else.

Awards have been presented at the Celebration of Axbridge Community in St. John the Baptist Church in the Square, and we have been lucky enough to have the High Sheriff of Somerset present them for us. The Celebration is in the form of a service which includes contributions from various groups who all together make a splendid occasion befitting the day.

2011 Award Winners were: Dennis Bratt, John Chard and Jackie Fowler. Photos of the service are here.

2012 Award Winners were: John Bailey, Beverley Davies and Pauline Ham. Photos of the service are here.

2013 Award Winners were: Martin Latham, Robin Goodfellow and a one-off Mayor's Special Award for Bravery to Thomas Adams. Photos of the service are here.

2014 Award Winners were: Edith Channon and Stella Moore. Photos of the service are here.

2015 Award Winners were: Mary Bratt and Graham Page. Photos of the service are here. There are also photos of Town Crier Yvonne Chamberlain receiving an award from the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers on her retirement.

2016 Award Winner was: Dave Moore. Photos of the service are here.

2017 Award Winners were: Wendy Mace and Freedom of the Town for Jim Lukins. Photos of the service are here.

2018 Award Winners were: Barry Hamblin and Young Person's Awards for Jamie Harris and Katherine Sousa. Photos of the service are here.

Click on their names to see what people nominated them for.

Photos are courtesy of Geoff Dunlop for 2011-2013, Bryony Conetta for 2014, Jeremy Gall for 2015, Tim Hind for 2016 and 2017, Tim Hind and Andy Corp for 2018. If you would like a high-resolution digital image, or a print made of any of the photos, please email the webmaster, mentioning the number of the photo(s) you are interested in.